Canada Safety Council Certified Courses




The Canada Safety Council

The Canada Safety Council is an independent, knowledge-based, charitable organization dedicated to the cause of safety. We provide national leadership in safety through information, education and collaboration. We are Canada’s voice and resource for safety. As a not-for-profit, non-government organization, the Council draws upon the dedication and commitment of its directors, committee members and instructors. Contributions from corporate and individual members enable a small professional staff to maintain programming and respond to inquiries from the public, professionals, the media and others.


  • To minimize avoidable death, injury, and damage to property by devising, recognizing, encouraging and promoting methods and procedures leading to improved safety, protection and health among all persons in public and private places throughout Canada.
  • To focus attention on the vital importance of safety.
  • To arouse public interest and participation in safety measures.
  • To publish and disseminate educational programs and information relating to safety.
  • To promote and support the development of safer products and services.
  • To provide incentives for leadership and to recognize achievement in safety.
  • To assist in the drafting and enactment of safety legislation.

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association is dedicated to the recreation of snowmobiling, keeping snowmobiling safe, enjoyable, attainable, and affordable.