“It allowed me to see how our UTV would handle in situations that I might experience.”

"If we have to drive the UTV I now feel confident that I would be able to complete any task.”

“You get a feel for how the machine handles, and this better prepares you for what skills you will need in the field.”

"Course material was easy to understand, very professional instruction from the person instructing the course.”

“I had very little experience with ATV/UTV driving.  I now feel very confident in being able to operate the UTV safely and effectively.”

“I feel a lot more comfortable riding a UTV.”

“It hit the mark.”

“Very good course and well delivered.”

"Well done!!  Good instructor.”

“Thought I knew more about UTV’s than I did.”

“Very good course, very good presentation. Thanks”

“Excellent course.”

“Easy to understand, good use of diagrams and pictures, very informative.”

“Great experience, and would recommend this course to others.”

“Learning anything that one never knew before is always an asset.”

“ I thought the course was excellent.”

“The course will allow me to do my job more safely.”

“I have had hands on experience prior but this course helped me ensure I was doing things properly.”

“Gave me a better understanding about the safety and the proper know how to ride.”

“ Allowed me to be a more safe and conscientious driver.”

“I feel I am a competent ATV operator, but did find the course very informative.”

“Great course very well done.”

“I feel more confident at the workplace.”

ATV, UTV, and Snowmobile Training Clientele

Our Clientele includes but is not limited to:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Peace / Police Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Oil Exploration and Production Companies
  • Search and Rescue Personnel
  • Private Individuals
  • Gas and Oil Maintenance Workers
  • Government Agencies
  • Recreational Users

We are a Saskatchewan based company, but are available to train Canada wide.